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There is therefore every reason to study the Hippocratic writers in close connection with the many other medical thinkers that are known to have worked in the fifth and fourth centuries order 2.5 mg oxybutynin with mastercard medicine 91360, such as Diocles of Carystus, Praxagoras of Cos, or the twenty-plus medical writers mentioned in the Anonymus Londiniensis. Again, the realisation of their importance is a very recent scholarly development, partly as a result of new discoveries or fresh examinations of existing evidence;28 and although their works survive only in fragments, there is at least one respect in which these authors compare favourably to the Hippocratic Corpus. They provide an opportunity to form a picture of individual medical writers which we do not have in the case of the Hippocratic Corpus, where, because of the anonymity of the writings, it has become effectively impossible to appreciate the role of individual doctors in the formation of Greek medicine. By contrast, with people such as Diocles and Praxagoras, we have a considerable number of titles of works that they are reported to have authored as well as fragments reflecting a wide range of different areas of interest. And although for some of these works and areas our evidence is restricted to a few lines, it nevertheless gives us a good idea of the sheer scope and extent of their scientific interests and literary activity, which we simply cannot gain in the case of the writers of the Hippocratic Corpus. One such ‘non-Hippocratic’ medical author was Diocles of Carystus, whose importance in antiquity was rated so highly that he was given the 28 See van der Eijk (2000a) and (2001a); see also Manetti (1999a) and Orelli (1998). He practised in the fourth century bce, and although we know very little of his life, we can safely assume that he was one of the most promi- nent medical thinkers of antiquity. He clearly had a keen interest in ‘the phenomena’ and in the practical aspects of medical care, and he rated the results of long-term medical experience very highly. Yet at the same time Diocles was known for his theoretical and philosophical outlook and for his tendency to build his medical views on a general theory of nature. There are good reasons to be- lieve that he was well in touch with the medical and philosophical thinkers of his time, that he knew a number of the Hippocratic writings and that he was familiar with, and to, Aristotle and Theophrastus. Furthermore, he appears to have positioned himself prominently in the intellectual debates of the fourth century, and to have played a major role in the communica- tion of medical views and precepts to wider audiences in Greek society by means of highly civilised literary writings in the Attic dialect. The basis for his fame may lie partly in the impressive range of subjects he dealt with, the almost encyclopaedic coverage of the subject of medicine and allied sciences such as botany, biology, and possibly mineralogy and meteorology, the considerable size of his literary production and the stylistic elegance his work displayed. But a further possible reason may have been Diocles’ philo- sophical and theoretical orientation and his tendency to relate his medical views to more general theoretical views on nature (see frs.

A Foreign-Trained Dentists as Faculty Members in second phase order oxybutynin 5 mg online medications you can take during pregnancy, known as DentEdEvolves, expands United States Dental Schools the network to include partners in North America and elsewhere around the world. Fewer professionals trained in the United States are opting for academic and research careers on Exchange Programs in Dental Education dental faculties. Several factors explain this prob- lem: lack of encouragement by faculty, inadequate Traditionally, international involvement within role models, large debts upon graduation, and the United States dental schools was informal and spo- perceived or actual potential income to be realized radic. Thus, American dental schools individual faculty members who have a personal inter- are beginning to look to the international market for est in or contacts with a colleague in another country. Foreign-trained dentists are a rich The success or failure of these programs rested square- source of talent for faculty positions. Many have ly on the shoulders of the participating faculty mem- received an excellent education in their home coun- bers in the two institutions. Very little organized effort tries, and many also have completed graduate train- was made, and as interests of the individual partici- ing in the United States or at other top-rated insti- pants changed or other factors intervened, these pro- tutions (Haden et al, 2000). A major obstacle to hiring foreign-trained dentists Over the past several years, the importance and for faculty positions is their inability to obtain a value of international collaboration have been real- license in the state in which the dental school is ized, and exchange of faculty and students among located. Most states require that an applicant for dental schools throughout the world has accelerated. More recently, formal "sis- Without a license, the dentist cannot supplement an ter" relationships have developed between United academic salary through private patient care. The regulations must be the dental faculty market becomes tighter, this fac- approved by the Office of Administrative Law and if tor is becoming more important. Certain states grant a "teaching license" to for- The decision is expected to be made by August 31, eign-trained dentists, which enables the person to 2001 (Georgetta Coleman, Executive Officer, Dental practice under certain prescribed conditions, usual- Board of California, Personal Communications, ly the direct treatment of patients for the purposes November 16, 2000 and July 11, 2001).

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Material and Methods: 18 pa- having late-onset Pompe’s disease generic 5 mg oxybutynin otc medications blood donation, should be built into the reha- tients with dysphagia due to different causes received videofuor- bilitation strategy. Conclusion: Using the digital acquisition and analysis system of videofuoroscopy showed acceptable reliability Introduction/Background: Children with post-traumatic brain in- and could be promoted in clinical researches regarding swallowing. Tajima1 rial and Methods: Five databases were searched for relevant peer- 1Wakayama Medical University, Rehabilitation Medicine, Wakay- reviewed studies. Keyword terms included ‘traumatic brain injury’, ‘acquired brain injury’, ‘children’, ‘gait’, ‘walking’, ‘dual-task’, ama, Japan and ‘concurrent task’. The inclusion and exclusion criterion were Introduction/Background: Many physicians are already known, identifed. Best-ev- that sports activities are recommended for wheelchair-bound handi- idence synthesis was used to address the gaps. Ludwig Guttmann started wheelchair basketball articles appraised, 3 studies were selected. Two studies examined in 1944 through a rehabilitation program in England, by adapting the balance component and gait characteristic in children with post- the existing sport to wheelchair use. Only one study investigates the infuence of concurrent-task is one of the major sports practiced by individuals with disability. Therefore, the addition of secondary task during known to enhance lipid oxidation, improve insulin-stimulated glu- walking may affect the gait performance. Further research is required to explore in depth about the effects ration and intensity, the muscle mass involved in the mechanical of concurrent task on gait performance. Purpose of this study was to evaluate parameters of postural control that can be live-monitored via mobile measurement sensors. These data J Rehabil Med Suppl 55 Poster Abstracts 251 sets were analysed with regards to variability and abnormality of tunnel syndrome, while there is negligible reduction in longitudinal rotatory and translational indicators.

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